Nowhow Studio is directed by two Japanese artists based in Berlin. Started with the motivation comes from "how" create and express our own "now". Our products and online contents are carefully curated and designed as simple and basic aesthetics by our own hands.

One of us has his career as a shoe repairer. Long time of experience as a repairman, he realized that all the tools and accessories like zippers and snap buttons etc. are the first part that occur to defect the leather products. Therefore, we are using those tools as minimum as possible to make our products to repair easily.

We would like to share the way to rethink and choose how you consume what you wear and own. We choose materials ourself with local suppliers and all handmade in our studio. We do not stock our products. Therefore, we are taking a style of made of order for every products and will be included the five years guarantee of free repair service

We support slow fashion.
Buy less, and use longer what you really need and love.