We focus "NOW" to create "HOW".

NOWHOW STUDIO is founded by two Japanese artists since 2021 who has completely different back ground who is an performing artist and Leather craftsman. We are not a designer or patterner however using our own creative eyes and skills to make this creation possible.

Our creative inspiration is always comes from the motivation of uniqueness, and the aesthetic of contemporary aspects. But our products are designed its simple, timeless and durable because we believe to create the fashion products to be shared to our customer will stay with the owner generation by generation.
Our main collections are basically made of order. Done by one craftsman and taken care by our own eyes and hands.

We would like to share the way to rethink and choose how you consume what you wear and own. We choose materials by ourself and all handmade in our studio. We do not stock our products. Therefore, we are taking a style of made of order for every products and will be included the five years guarantee of free 
repair service

We support slow fashion.
Buy less, and use longer what you love.